The benefits of buying your mattress online at Whisper!

The benefits of buying your mattress online at Whisper!

With the arrival of the digital age, and an uncertain period in our history (to say the least), it is now more intriguing than ever to experience the benefits of e-commerce. This is now so true, even in buying something so large and so personal, like a mattress. What are the top benefits?

1. Convenience

2. Easy comparison

3. No sales pressure tactics

4. Reviews from real consumers

5. 100-night risk-free trial!

Sleep expert and Whisper founder, Dominik Zunkovic says, “Most traditional mattress retailers offer a short or no trial period at all, as they argue you can already get a feel for the mattress in the store. Online mattress companies, however, understand that customers, especially when it comes to bigger ticket items such as mattresses, want to be able to actually try and sleep on it. That is why at Whisper we offer a generous trial period of a 100 days.”

Couple that with the convenience of shopping from your home, with free 24-hour delivery, easy returns and lots of reviews from actual customers and you are bound to find a mattress that suits you.

What makes a Whisper mattress so snoozy?

More than just convenience, Whisper promises huge cost savings on premium products without losing out on mattress quality for better, more restful sleep. What makes a quality mattress?

Bacteria and germ free: Whisper mattresses are made with real silver that kill 99.99 per cent of all bacteria, and inhibit bed bugs and dust mites.

Adjustable comfort: Adjust your mattress to be softer or firmer as your prefer and as your body changes with time.

Dual comfort: The mattress should be adjustable on each side, so couples never have to compromise on their own snooze.

Not too hot, not too cold: Whisper mattresses are made with completely open-cell foams and thermoregulating fabric ensuring you stay cozy all night long.

12-year warranty: A quality mattress should last without the need to flip and turn, that’s why high-density foams are a must.

While many factors go into achieving a full night’s undisturbed slumber, a high-quality mattress and pillows are crucial to ensure truly restful sleep. Whisper, the UAE’s pioneer in the mattress-in-a-box business model, works with professional sleepers and material engineers to develop technology, fabrics and revolutionary foams that create the best sleep experience. To know more visit