Saudi Arabia's AlUla heritage sites now open to the public all year long

Saudi Arabia's AlUla heritage sites now open to the public all year long
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Al Ula Saudi, Arabia
AlUla';s heritage sites are now open to the public throughout the year. Image Credit: Supplied
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Al Ula
The heritage sites including Hegra, Jabal Ikmah and Dadan were the first to reopen for bookings on October 30, 2020. Image Credit: Discover_AlUla
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Al Ula Old Town
And now, from late December, parts of AlUla';s Old Town are open to the public. The latest visitor experiences include Rawi tours of Tantora Plaza and sundial and views from AlUla citadel. Image Credit:
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Al Ula
December marks the growing season in AlUla, so traditionally, the community gathers in AlUla Old Town at Tantora, the famous sundial, to celebrate the start of the planting season as the shadow of the sundial reaches its farthest point. Image Credit: Supplied by Experience Al Ula
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Al Ula
Visitors now have the opportunity to also experience a bustling Suq, a handicraft pavilions and souvenirs to shop for, as well as new dining options. Image Credit: Multiple Sources
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Al Ula Hiking Trail
Outside of the heritage sites, there will be plenty of other activities to keep visitors entertained. A new ';Adventure Canyon'; area will offer a suite of experiences for those looking for a thrill. Hikers can book a space on the Adventure Hiking Trail, which is run by experienced tour operator Husaak. The trail offers a half-day hike led by an experienced guide through the Al Madakeel landscapes with stops to enjoy views of the desert and the oasis. Image Credit: Supplied By Experience Al Ula
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Al Ula
Visitors will be able to appreciate the landscapes, rock art, dunes and peaks of the desert while zipping around in a classic dune buggy. These fun three-person vehicles are a great way to sight see. Image Credit: Supplied By Experience Al Ula
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Al Gharameel rocks
Visitors will be able to book an evening Stargazing tour at Al Gharameel rocks. Famous as one of the most dramatic landscapes for stargazing, the one hour experience, also run by Husaak, includes a traditional Bedouin set-up with an expert guide to provide insights about the importance of the stars and constellations in AlUla’s culture and history. Image Credit: Supplied by Experience AlUla
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Al Ula
Or for a more relaxing experience, the AlUla Fresh Farm visit offers visitors a glimpse into life on an AlUla farm complete with farm tours, fruit picking, animal feeding and seed planting. From the 2.3 million date palms trees to the 29 types of citrus fruit, farms play an important role in AlUla’s economy and daily life. Image Credit: Multiple Sources
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Al Ula Saudi, Arabia
AlUla will also welcome new permanent experiences in the arts and cultural space. The former AlUla Secondary School for girls near AlUla Old Town is being transformed into an arts and traditional crafts hub. Image Credit: Supplied
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20201123 al ula
AlUla is now at the center of a project to raise awareness of the country’s ancient history, inspire national pride, and fuel tourism, all objectives within the purview of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s roadmap to a different future. Image Credit: Supplied
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20201123 al ula
Coming in 2021 is the ';Old Girls School'; arts hub with workshops and classes available for local artisans. Banyan Tree by Accor Resort are launching high end dining and cafes at the Heritage Sites. Image Credit: Supplied