Meditate with Urmila: Tuning to meditative frequencies

Meditate with Urmila: Tuning to meditative frequencies

In meditative reflections, many aspects of life come to the fore of our conscious awareness which otherwise escape us. The meditative stillness tells us and it is telling too. The current pain and suffering that humanity is undergoing due to the ongoing global health crisis situation holds several such revelations for the mankind.

Meditative Mind is Telling

In stillness of meditation, one can hear, feel, and see, through the mind’s eye. Meditation is not a passive, powerless situation. It holds the answers; answers are embedded within the problem. An important lesson for mankind is to know that what one does impacts others.

With limited comprehension, this may not seem apparent to us. But in meditative stillness, when the consciousness goes beyond the mind, one can see clearly how when a pebble is dropped in still waters, its ripples go far and wide. Similarly, what one man does, its ripples touch the pond of entire mankind.

Each ripple is created by thoughts, thoughts lead to action-reactions and when that intensifies, the ripple effect also intensifies.

Here is an analogy of mind (chitt) with stillness of a pond. A pond’s water is still when left undisturbed. If thought is turbulent, then the water, that is, the head and heart, will be turbulent, opposite to its nature, which is of stillness. When thoughts of many people are turbulent, the water of humanity is turbulent, multiplied by multiple thoughts. Each thought is related to another and each thought of one affects the other individual. That is so because, at the core of our existence, we all are connected like threads of fabric that make a piece of cloth.

The heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body. ( When heart is incoherent by a thought, it creates ripples far and wide.

Just as a drop of disturbed water disturbs one’s heart and the electromagnetic field, similarly thought of one man touches others, creates ripple effect, disturbs the entire pond, very similar to disturbing the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth, who holds mankind, also suffers with the chaos. She feels the pain and suffering of mankind as she is every bit alive and conscious as human thoughts are. (scientific evidence below). Earth is our home for now and disturbances in home disturbs all its inhabitants; throwing in disarray, the whole ecological system and their natural vibrational frequencies.

In the present situation, the earth is (feeling) heavy with a load of non-helpful thoughts and is getting impacted adversely. The lighter humanity’s thought forms are, lighter and brighter the energy of the earth feels.

In meditative states of theta brain wave (4-7 Hz range), a meditator can tune into the frequency of the energy of the earth and ‘feel’ it; in form of heaviness or lightness or receive information through any of the five perceptive sense organs. The earth resonates at a frequency of 7.83 Hz, termed as Schumann Resonance (

When the frequency of human thoughts is heavy at the collective/ mass level, spiked with fear, anxiety, negativity, the earth’s resonance (that is, its heartbeat) also spikes. This imbalance runs back and forth between the collective human conscious and the earth. Just as a nail is attracted to the magnet and magnet attracts the nail, it is the resonance attraction.

So, what can one do?

Each individual can take the responsibility of breaking their negative thought loop so as to create a positive environment. As eternal beings, we are never lost. As said, in the stillness of meditation, many truths are discovered, in fact, rediscovered.

One just needs to tap into the field of divinity to tune into the eternal truths, and extract their own answers, whatever rings true to them.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: [email protected]