Pectiv – A monthly subscription box bringing innovative feminine hygiene essentials directly to your doorstep

Pectiv – A monthly subscription box bringing innovative feminine hygiene essentials directly to your doorstep

Dubai: Pectiv, an established global name since 2014, focuses on filling a vital gap in the feminine hygiene space with a pioneering range of personal-care items. Entering the femtech market in the GCC in 2020, Pectiv is rapidly becoming a household name by bringing its offerings directly to consumers with a subscription-based business model. Their monthly service includes a range of sanitary pads created with non-toxic ingredients that provide enhanced protection and successfully combat some of the most well-known issues with convenstional pads.

With the ultimate combination of comfort and convenience, the value-packed direct-to-door service makes it easier than ever to always stay ready for ‘that time of the month’.

“At Pectiv, we recognise that today’s women are goal-setters, high achievers and always on the run. So menstrual cycles should never interfere with their daily activities,” said Dr Elias Abboud, CEO & Founder of Pectiv, “We wanted to offer a singular solution to combat paint points that other competitors have missed. Our innovative lineup of sanitary pads ensure that women feel comfortable and safe throughout the day, without worrying about irritation, infections or leaks,” he added.

The Pectiv range come in sleek, minimalist packaging that overlaps elegance with a practical touch. The brand’s offerings include ultra-thin regular, night, and overnight pads made with a revolutionary SAP core that provides four times more absorption than store-bought options. They also offer liners and first of its kind pH-balanced feminine wipes with probiotics.

The central feature of their product portfolio is the increased focus on women’s reproductive health. Their entire range is created free of harmful toxins like dioxin, chlorine, and other harmful materials like fragrance, latex, and polyester, all known to cause irritation and long-term health issues.

Another standout feature in their pads is the innovative ‘Anion Layer’ containing nano silver and negative ions to prevent the accumulation of microbes that contribute to unpleasant odours. The breathable bottom layer of the pad prevents the build-up of humidity and fights bacterial and fungal growth, significantly reducing the risk of inflammation. Recommended by foremost gynaecologists across the UAE.

Dr Elias Abboud elaborated more on the brand’s promise of safe and chemical-free options, “At Pectiv, we recognise there is a growing need for better feminine care protection that does not cause sensitivity or leads to infection. For products that are used every month, there should be no compromising. That’s why our entire range is free of harmful toxins and successfully prevents bacteria and candida build-up, which are the leading cause of irritation in the intimate areas for women.”

Pectiv pads are also the ideal option for younger girls for whom giving the best start to the adult years is every mother’s priority. The first period can be an uncomfortable affair, and getting into a routine usually takes time. But with Pectiv, it’s easier to give them access to a cohesive line of personal care protection, which helps take the worry out of their menstrual cycles and normalises the experience - safely and hygienically.

To find out more and to set up a fully customisable subscription with free auto deliveries, visit their website at Making self-care simpler and healthier has never been this effortless.