Amazing pics from around the world

Amazing pics from around the world

A Palestinian man refines sesame to be sold in markets, near Nablus in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, September 1, 2019.

A groomer combs a dog during "Pet Experience," an event that gathers for pets and owners, in Sao Paulo, Brazil August 30, 2019.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is seen in the sky over Lake Ladoga in Leningrad Region, Russia September 1, 2019.

Tricia Cheshire, a resident of Amelia Island sunbathes for the last few minutes before storms hit the coast before Hurricane Dorian in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. September 1, 2019.

Lava spurts from the Stromboli volcano a day after an eruption unleashed a plume of smoke on the Italian island of Stromboli, Italy, August 30, 2019.

Photos: Reuters