Saab: Our way of thinking protects your way of life

Saab: Our way of thinking protects your way of life

As a defence and security company, it is no surprise that Saab’s sole mission is to keep people and society safe. Saab’s innovative thinking and technology helps us protect borders and maintain the international flow of goods, currencies — and people too.

In today’s complex and turbulent world, Saab’s thinking edge is behind the products and solutions protecting borders and safeguarding society. You will find us in the background at airports, seaports and city centres, and at major events. We are working continuously to develop and improve technology and keep ahead of changes, so you need not change your way of life.

One major change and a significant step forward was implemented in 2018 as we started development and production in Abu Dhabi.

Anna-Karin Rosén, CEO of Saab Ltd in Abu Dhabi, says, “We are developing an indigenous industrial capability, which will support our common vision of a technology company creating solutions with a global market in mind. A world-class Emirati defence and security industry is what we are aiming for.”

For more than 80 years, Saab has been developing innovative, high-tech, robust and affordable systems. Our aim has always been to stay at the forefront of technology, made possible through investments in research and development and various collaborations.

Our competent and engaged employees are the key, and we believe that diversity drives innovation.

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