LG TV recall expands to China, Europe

LG TV recall expands to China, Europe

LG's recall of a number of its OLED televisions on the back of potential overheating problems has apparently expanded outside of South Korea, the media has reported.

Forbes had written that China's State Administration for Market Regulation has ordered the recall of 13 LG OLED TV models that were sold between 2016-19. In Europe, meanwhile, the European Commission's Single Markets and Standards unit says five of those have been subject to 'investigations' owing to the same issue.

In July this year, LG embarked on an extensive repair programme to fix the overheating issue in those TVs in its home market of South Korea. An estimated 60,000 units at the time were affected.

It was also reported that, initially, LG had told Korea's Yonhap news agency that the sets sold overseas were not subject to repairs. However, it told The Verge that it was "investigating other markets" for the issue.

Repairing the TVs in question is relatively simple: The faulty power boards are to be replaced with those that won't have the component that overheats.

With LG's scope and commitment to quality, it's expected that this will all be sorted out soon.

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