Honor 20 Pro: All about the camera

Honor 20 Pro: All about the camera

This summer season, we get to check out the Honor 20 PRO. Its overall package at Dh1,999 is great value for money but its cameras are what take it up a level. On the 20 PRO, you find a Sony IMX586 48MP AI quad-camera and industry largest f/1.4 wide aperture. This combination of optics helps the smartphone achieve a DxOMark score of 111 points, the third highest score attained by any smartphone from awarded by the gold standard benchmark for camera quality in the industry.

48MP AI main camera

The capabilities of the 48MP main camera are enhanced by the HiSilicon Kirin 980 AI chipset’s dual-NPU and dual-ISP.

Honor 20 Pro Camera 2
The Honor 20 Pro comes with its Dual OIS and Quad-cam setup Image Credit: Reach by GN

By using these features, the camera can capture many of the details in the image even if they are a fair distance away.

Super wide-angle camera

For epic landscape shots, the super wide-angle 16MP comes in handy. The all-new 117-degree camera allows you to fit more into the frame, making photos with expansive views or in cramped areas much easier.

Honor 20 Pro Wide Angle
Don't break your back trying to fit the Burj Khalifa in one image. The Honor 20 Pro comes with a super wide-angle camera Image Credit: Reach by GN

In this case, we used the super wide-angle lens to capture the iconic Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai. By opting for this lens, the mood and high dynamic range in the photo is better conveyed.

Honor 20 Pro - Burj Khalifa Wide Angle Sample
. Image Credit: Reach by GN

Telephoto camera

Accompanying the above two lenses is the Honor 20 PRO’s 8MP telephoto camera. With this, you will be able to capture photos with ultra-clear zoom capabilities.

Honor 20 Pro 1X Zoom
Honor 20 Pro at 1x Zoom Image Credit: Reach by GN
Honor 20 Pro 2 X Zoom
Honor 20 Pro at 2x Zoom Image Credit: Reach by GN
Honor 20 Pro 3X Zoom
Honor 20 Pro at 3x Zoom Image Credit: Reach by GN

With 3x optical zoom, you can bring far-away subjects closer without losing important detail. An example of this can be seen in out sample as we zoom into the building.

Macro lens

By including a 2MP macro camera on the smartphone, the Honor 20 PRO brings a lot of versatility. While on paper, it may seem to support only a low resolution, but the results are incredible.

Honor 20 Pro Flower Sample
This is a few flowers with the regular camera Image Credit: Reach by GN
Honor 20 Pro Flower Sample 2
The macro lens on the 20 Pro allows you to get really close to capture that perfect image Image Credit: Reach by GN

With this, you can take extreme close-up shots from just 4 centimeters away from the subject. This could be used to capture up-close beauty or extremely fine details like in our plant samples which otherwise a smartphone camera would not be capable of picking up.

Dual optical image stabilization (OIS) video

On the primary lens, Honor has included 4-axis OIS which works with the HiSilicon Kirin 980 chip for real-time lens compensation to reduce subject motion.

Combined with electronic image stabilization (EIS), you can shoot super smooth videos with no extra stabilizing gear or equipment. With this, even 4K video videos at 30fps offer good quality and steady looking video in the most challenging conditions

Check out the video above to see some of the super-steady samples we shot here in Dubai using the Honor 20 Pro.

Super night mode

Not only does 4-axis OIS help with video, but it also contributes with pictures at night. The super night mode is powered by the phone’s AIS algorithm which in combination with the OIS stabilization reduces unwanted hand movements.

Honor 20 Pro Night Mode Sample
The Honor 20 Pro's Dual OIS also enables great stabilisation for night-time photography Image Credit: Reach by GN

32MP selfie camera

The high resolution 32MP selfie camera makes use of four pixels and combines them into one. With this, you benefit from brighter and clearer selfies.

Honor 20 Pro Hole Punch
. Image Credit: Reach by GN

With the all-new AI beautify and shallow depth of field, the phone can produce some great results. To get your hands on this incredible smartphone camera, click here for UAE and here for Saudi