High-end network gear aids remote learning, studying

High-end network gear aids remote learning, studying

TP-Link announced its support for the several companies and schools resorting to remote working and studying with its host of solutions amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many companies to have their employees to work from home, as well as schools providing remote learning via various online platforms.

"For those who don't have an organised workstation or stable Wi-Fi network, distractions can disrupt your productivity," the Shenzhen, China-headquartered network gear maker said in a release.

"Performing the first step for teleworking or schooling from home is much easier than it seems," it said, adding that cutting-edge technology helps facilitate a seamless working environment from home and uninterrupted access to the company's server at any time.

One of the issues that worries workers betting on telework is having a good connection that allows them to carry out work activities without delays or unforeseen problems. It is important, they said, that solutions not only guarantee the best connection at home; it also needs to allow users to maintain the usual level of productivity - and even increase it.

TP-Link offers a wide range of products for this endeavour, including complete home Wi-Fi solutions, cost-efficient routers, Wi-Fi range extenders, small office/home office (Soho) switches, 4G routers and Mi-Fi routers.

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