Facebook is launching Threads from Instagram

Facebook is launching Threads from Instagram

Facebook is launching another app under the Instagram umbrella to get 'close friends' talking, sharing photos and updating each others' status.

The app in itself has three components - a camera feature which allows for extremely fast sharing of photos with none of the Insta-popular filters, an inbox for just your closest of buddies - which mirrors the look of your 'Direct' inbox on Instagram - and a status page which can update your close friends of your whereabouts and current activity.

Soon after the news of the launch broke, many brought up privacy concerns, especially with the third 'Status' feature. The 'Auto-Status' mode aims to refresh user's status throughout the day. Instagram says it won’t store your exact location, but only use it to create some context on your activity at the time. The company adds, your status will only be seen by close friends.

You can choose from a suggested status, create your own, or turn on Auto Status.

The app is also said to have a Group chat feature, if all the friends in the group are also on your list of close friends.

For Instagram users, the app will offer seamless receipt of messages, both Direct and Thread, in one place. Threads just offers a new, dedicated home for your favorite conversations - the company said in a statement on Thursday.