Would you go on a social media detox?

Would you go on a social media detox?

Social media users discussed the importance of focusing on a life outside the digital world. Many thought that being completely away from the internet in this age is difficult.

Here's what some tweeps had to say...

@KaranDarra: FACT - FOBO fear of being offline - We create are own problems

@WildFigSolns: #FOBO fear of being offline or fear of becoming obsolete

@katematlock: New term I learned today - FOBO. Fear Of Being Offline ... and the fear is real, people.

@kel392: Was going to delete all social media for a month, but I cant, I’m an addict. Detox will have to do.

@ninanuguid: Detox and take a break from social media once in a while. Set boundaries to protect your emotional health.

Here's what some Facebook users had to say...

Lucy King: Part of me wants to do a social media “detox” because I’m just so blah with life and know there’s too much negative stuff on here. Another part of me thinks about how exhausting it will be to make sure I have everyone’s contact information that I actually talk to. Also, I have a couple of really positive groups that I’m a part of that I don’t want to not have in my life. Maybe I’ll just uninstall Facebook from my phone so I don’t mindlessly scroll as much...