These dogs might be the perfect pets for you

These dogs might be the perfect pets for you

Abandoned, abused and forgotten. These animals need your support. Adopt, foster and help rehome an abandoned pet.


Found on an industrial estate with 12 siblings, Rove has grown up at K9 Friends. Now six months old, she is fully vaccinated and neutered. A typical playful puppy, she will need some training but will be a great addition to any family looking for an energetic dog.


Zelda Image Credit: Supplied

Zelda has just celebrated her second birthday and it would be great for her own home in time for her next one. She’s a happy, cuddly girl who enjoys company. She enjoys playing fetch with a ball but is equally happy sleeping on the sofa. Fully vaccinated and neutered. Do you have a spot on your sofa for her?


Poppy Image Credit: Supplied

Poppy was brought to the shelter at six months old as her owners had no time for her. She’s active, energetic and friendly with everyone. She’s fully vaccinated and neutered and would love to find a family who will play with her and take her on long walks.

For details on any of these pets, contact K9 Friends on 04 8878739