Meditate: Emotions and physical pain are related

Meditate: Emotions and physical pain are related

There is a telling relationship between physical health and emotions. Emotions arise from thoughts. Thoughts are the source field from which a (physical) reality is created.

When the body projects some physical pain or unease, it is holding on to some non-serving emotions/thoughts. By the same token, when the body feels lighter and freer, it means it is holding to positive, healthy thoughts.

More often than not, physical pain is the result of emotional latching to lower energies, that is, beliefs which do not help you move forward; the body feels dense, heavy and mind, chaotic.

Do not ignore your ill health because it is present to give you an indication that some emotional /belief adjustments are warranted, balance is required.

Negative emotions spill over as physical pain

We carry multiple train of thoughts each day. The thoughts that we get stuck to (or facilitate with love), are the ones that get manifested in physical form.

If, for instance, you carry the thought/emotion of: ‘I am not worthy’, then things that you feel worthy of, will not manifest in your physical life, because this thought force is dominant. This requires transmuting of the ‘unworthy’ emotion into: ‘I am worthy’.’ ‘I am worthy of respect’.’ I am worthy of this job’ etc.

One has to feel the emotion within the being of their existence and believe it to be true. Truth can be reinforced with thoughts and words, accentuated by actions and deeds. When the truth starts centring in to sit in the core of your being, you will observe changes occurring; you will start talking differently, acting and behaving in accordance with the worthiness that you expect, which is a knowing what makes you feel ‘complete’.

The feeling of unworthiness is an emotional pain. When you don’t get what is your heart’s desire, then emotional pain may manifest as physical symptoms; as headache or fatigue or temperamental outbursts or indifference to life. It may manifest as lack of appetite, or a weak immune system etc.

Relationship between chronic illness and emotion

Chronic illness and emotional turmoil have a background together. In this situation, an emotion has been ‘housed in’ long enough in the being of a person, has been repressed, hasn’t found an expression; where somehow the individual has resigned it to as ‘fate’. This is when chronic illness starts to build up.

In the process, at first, the emotions project intensely so as to get your attention towards the ‘upcoming’ physical disorder. But with constant repression or suppression the individual can resign to, or numb or simply ignore the physical symptoms of this emotional surge. Over time, the person starts ‘living’ with the pain and will even stop feeling it.

One-time illness and emotions

There is no one-time illness event so to speak. It may feel like a one-time event because the manifestation is more dramatically visible. However, the emotional build-up is there, in the present or past experiences. The timing or situation of the trigger may give the illusion that the one-time event has taken place.

Different organs of the body, even fluids, carry the emotional charge or trigger. For instance, the liver may hold old anger or resentment, tightened jaws may hold unresolved stress which needs ‘chewing’ over the issue in awareness to get into a ‘digestible’ solution. Shoulders mostly carry the burden of responsibilities; fear is usually manifested as digestive difficulties or in the heart. Sorrow may reside in the lungs and so on. (These examples are indicative. Each person is unique and hence the manifestations vary as per an individual’s energetic build-up).

To a great extent, physical illness can be worked with successfully when low or negative thoughts are brought into attention and are engaged with, to heal, not repressed or suppressed. This inner work/transformation can be a work of weeks, months or a lifetime. This doesn’t matter, what matters is to start the healing journey and be on it. Results will follow.