Just add AED1 to get more on your food order

Just add AED1 to get more on your food order


  • Avail talabat's AED1 offer and get your meals from Burger King, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, Chili's and more
  • You can also enjoy talabat’s Super Saver offer that gets you a 50 per cent off on your order (capped at Dh30)
  • Avail the Super Saver offers at some of the UAE’s best-known restaurants, such as Joe’s Crab Shack, Sushi Art and Chili’s.
  • Order your meal on the talabat app to enjoy a full feast at half the price.

If you love food and the happiness that comes with having “one extra”, then talabat’s recently launched AED1 campaign will give you enough reason to smile. Running till August 31, the AED1 campaign is helping families create and enjoy the moments that matter.

The offer allows you to buy one item and get another for AED1. So, you can now enjoy one more pizza or the additional burger or ice cream by adding only AED1 to your order. You can choose from more than 40 participating restaurants and locally loved brands across the UAE, such as Burger King, Sushi Art, Baskin Robbins, Texas Chicken, Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut, Chili’s and more. New brands will be added in August and to avail the offer, you can check out the “AED 1 – For More” filter on the talabat app.

Raising the happiness bar

Talabat, Middle East’s largest online food delivery platform, has always believed in raising the level of happiness through its various offerings for customers. It has helped create moments that matter – maybe a quick bite to eat, a romantic meal for you and your partner, dinner for the entire family or snacks for playdates.

Even with the talabat mart initiative, daily groceries are delivered in less than 30 minutes. Founded in 2004, by a small group of entrepreneurs in Kuwait, talabat’s success has been effortlessly connecting users to restaurants that cater to all taste buds across the UAE. Customers in the UAE have more than 6,000 restaurants to choose from that serve different types of cuisines from all over the world.

The never-ending deals and offers from talabat match this diversity, as does a secure and easy online payment system for customers to order from the comfort of their homes. In a region, where mobile penetration is high, these initiatives have empowered people to make informed choices in the area of ordering and consuming food.

Check out the offers at some of these participating restaurants:


There is a saying that when life throws you a burger, you eat it. And when it’s the “king of burgers”, then every hour can be a Burger O’ Clock. So when you buy a Chicken Royale from Burger King, you get the other for just AED1.


You can now get fresh and artfully crafted sushi to your doorstep and enjoy a hearty and healthy meal with your friends and family. Buy one Black Box Classic and two sides of your choice and get the Marinated Tartare for AED1.


The delightful milk cake sundae from Baskin Robbins Image Credit: Supplied

This summer, what better way to make your kids and yourself happy than to order a delightful milk cake sundae from Baskin Robbins? Now, buy a milk cake sundae (any flavour) and get the other for AED1.


Tex Supreme sandwich

Crunchy, juicy chicken meals from Texas Chicken, as well as sandwiches and wraps can make a snack time well worth it. Buy a Texas Supreme meal and get a Tex Supreme sandwich for AED1.


Buy a pizza and get one more for AED1 Image Credit: Supplied

Anyone who says that money can’t buy happiness, has clearly not spent their money on a pizza. Here’s a chance to get one more for just AED1.


If Chili’s has always been your favourite hangout spot and you’ve been missing the burgers, ribs and fajitas, there’s no reason to stay away now. There are three delightful offers to enjoy. Buy a Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie or a Cajun Chicken Pasta or a Triplet Filet and get another for AED1.

Cajun Chicken Pasta


Get your daily coffee fix right at your doorstep when you order from Tim Hortons. Buy an Iced Cappuccino Kit Kat, Iced Cappuccino Oreo or French Vanilla, and get the other for AED1.


Galito’s famous fame-grilled chicken can be a mouth-watering proposition any time of the day. Now buy one quarter chicken and get the second for AED1.

talabat man
Talabat places high priority on all safety measures Image Credit: Supplied


And if these choices didn’t spoil you enough, you can also avail talabat’s “Super Saver” offer, where you get a 50 per cent off on your order (capped at Dh30) at some of the UAE’s best-known restaurants, such as Joe’s Crab Shack, Sushi Art and Chili’s. So, go right ahead and order some patisseries, sandwiches or some great sushi platter, maybe mouthwatering burgers or steaks, and other seafood wonders that will be delivered home by the talabat riders with all safety measures and hygiene in place.

Order your meal on the talabat app or to enjoy a full feast at half the price.