In Pictures: World Salsa festival in Colombia

In Pictures: World Salsa festival in Colombia
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Colombian salsa dancers perform during 15th World Salsa Festival in the Colombian city of Cali. The city of Cali is famous for its fierce love of the Afro-Caribbean style of music and dancing known as salsa. In fact, Cali is considered the “Salsa Capital of the World”, boasting some 200 plus academies dedicated to teaching the spicy dance. Image Credit: AFP
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Colombian salsa dancers Stevens Sarria (L) and Isabel Gonzalez perform. The event brings together the greatest players in the salsa game, with the genre’s most prominent dancers and musicians competing, performing and sharing their talents, in addition to salsa workshops, a food fair, academic talks, craft stalls and more. Image Credit: AFP
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Salsa in Colombia dates back to the mid-twentieth century, when Cuban rhythms crossed the Caribbean and reached Cali. Above, Colombian salsa dancer Camila Valencia (C) performs during 15th World Salsa Festival. Image Credit: AFP
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Colombian salsa dancers Juan Sanchez (top) and Juliana Barreto perform. Image Credit: AFP
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Dancing has become a distinctive characteristic of Cali, with millions of people traveling to the world capital of salsa to learn to dance Cali salsa every year, feeling the passion of it in the discos, fairs and festivals. This is how the music has become an integral part of life in Cali. Image Credit: AFP
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Colombian salsa dancers wearing face masks to prevent against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus prepare backstage prior to her performance in the 15th World Salsa Festival in the Colombian city of Cali. Image Credit: AFP
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The festival is more than just about dancing; it is a way to help the city's underprivileged youth channel their energies into a positive activity that helps build the community. Image Credit: AFP
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"Cali is comprised of Afro-descendants and indigenous people, (and is) fertile ground for listening to the drum and other music with evident African heritage that was blended in New York and brought to the city by sailors. Image Credit: AFP
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Local children have more than 100 Salsa dance schools to choose from, and many go on to join international entertainment companies, such as Cirque du Soleil. Image Credit: AFP
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Colombian salsa dancers Miguel Fajardo (R) and Xiomara Ceballos perform during 15th World Salsa Festival. Cali is one of the leading producers of famed Salsa groups, such as Grupo Niche and Guayacan Orchestra. Image Credit: AFP
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A Colombian salsa dancer wearing a face mask to prevent against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus prepares backstage prior to her performance. Image Credit: AFP