College enrollments: A competiton?

College enrollments: A competiton?

Social media users discussed what factors parents look at when enrolling their children into college. Some thought that putting children into higher education institutes has become a competition.

Here is what some tweeps had to say:

@jameshamblin: I think about college admissions more like drafting a football team. If you just get all the fastest running backs or all the strongest dudes or even all the best all-around players, you lose. Diversity isn’t a concession, it’s the essence of the thing.

@DKThomp: Yes, yes, elite college admissions are just the glaze on the tiny cherry on the sundae of America’s higher education problems.

But the outsized power these institutions have in minting political, judicial, and corporate leaders justifies at least some focus on the glaze.

@GitaSKapoor: Two main factors of kids committing suicide is competition in academics and parents bubble wrapping their kids. This is happening in all classes of society. My maid bought an 18k cell phone for her 19-year-old son. He has dropped out of college, goes to work.

@cbascouts: Parents - if you find yourself in some kind of competition with other parents on whose son goes to the ‘better’ college - please re-examine what really matters for your son’s future. Win the long game.

@drgravesUGA: 1) Challenge yourself academically over the core areas, but don’t overdo it to the point of exhaustion.

2) College Admissions is not status symbol competition for students (or parents). You be you and find the best college fit.

3) Different colleges look at things differently.