Al Rawabi: Defeat COVID-19 by boosting your immune system

Al Rawabi: Defeat COVID-19 by boosting your immune system

When it comes to fighting COVID-19, all the precautions recommended by Dubai Health Authority, such as washing your hands often, sanitising personal items, practising physical distancing and avoiding sick people are key. But experts also say that even if there’s currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19, simple solutions such as strengthening your immunity can help you avoid colds and the virus. You can consider Al Rawabi’s functional products for boosting your immune system and stay healthy.

“We are not powerless,” says Dr Ahmed El Tigani, CEO, Al Rawabi Dairy Company.

“The investments we made in research and innovation have helped Al Rawabi produce superior-quality products in terms of safety, taste, nutrition but most importantly, in terms of functionality. In a time when everyone is looking at ways to protect themselves from COVID-19, Al Rawabi is committed to boosting your health by improving your immune system.” he adds.

Its functional products, enriched with multi-vitamins and minerals, are designed to help solve the major health concerns of the GCC, such as vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to metabolic bone disorders and rickets in children; cancer; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; and many more.

For example, Al Rawabi’s Vitamin D Milk was particularly developed based on studies from Dr Michael Holick, Professor of Medicine, Dermatology and Physiology at the Boston University School of Medicine, and a leading authority on vitamin D.

According to research, one cup (250ml) of Al Rawabi vitamin D milk per day will make a difference to your health. It not only protects you from vitamin D deficiency, but also helps support your immune system.

Al Rawabi’s Salute to our Doctors initiative

Today, through a unique tie-up with the Ministry of Health, Al Rawabi is committed to salute and serve the doctors, nurses and patients with its functional products. The initiative was specially taken to help support, maintain and improve everyone’s immunity and health.

This initiative, which falls under the company’s social responsibility activities, is in sync with the newly-established policies of the government.

During the time of crisis and until further notice, a truck full of Al Rawabi functional products — vitamin D milk, Nutree Boost, orange juice and Super Milk — will be delivered daily to the Ministry of Health, who will take care of the distribution of products to everyone, from the medical staff to patients, within the network of hospitals.

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It is also essential to highlight that following the COVID-19 outbreak, Al Rawabi has taken all precautionary measures to ensure that its 15,000 cows milk healthily, providing consumers with the freshest and most high-quality products possible during these hard times.

“Right now, what matters most is guaranteeing everyone’s safety and immunity,” El Tigani says.

“We want to salute our doctors and medical staff and support them as much as we can. At Al Rawabi, we only have one thing at heart — the nation’s health.”

At a glance

Al Rawabi Dairy Company is a leading dairy and juice manufacturer in the UAE, with a wide range of products such as milk, yoghurt, laban, juice and many functional products and foods. Now Al Rawabi has extended its product range to bakery products, selling under the brand name BAKERZ.

Currently, Al Rawabi operates in the UAE, Oman and Yemen, serving more than 14,500 stores across the region with its fresh line of products.

The company has been awarded ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and OHSAS 18001:2007 and has received many local and international recognitions, such as AgraME Award for Best Dairy Innovations in the UAE, Dubai Municipality Award for Excellence in Animal Welfare, Super Brand Award, and the Best Environmental Practices award. Al Rawabi was also listed among the 40 strongest brands in the Arab World by Forbes Magazine in 2008 and 2015 respectively.

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