Subdued Eid celebrations for Bollywood, Pakistani stars

Subdued Eid celebrations for Bollywood, Pakistani stars
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Ali Zafar-1569824021233
With the coronavirus still raging across the globe and an airline tragedy that saw PIA flight PK-8303 crash into a residential neighbourhood in Karachi on Friday, killing 97 out of total 99 passengers, has seen the Eid celebrations cancelled by many celebrities this year. While celebrities such as Ali Zafar have called off the festivities, in India, many Bollywood stars are taking to social media to pass on their wishes while the remain under lockdown until May 31. Image Credit:
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Amitabh Bachchan
Veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan took to social media to wish for health and harmony during Eid this year. In a message on Instagram, the actor wrote: “Eid Mubarak to all and the prayers on this auspicious day for peace .. for harmony .. for good health .. for friendship and love .. for ever .. bring us together in peace and love and in the continuity of brotherhood sisterhood and family .. be ONE .. be in ONE.” Image Credit: Instagram
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Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor, who was one of the first Bollywood actors who came out to give his condolences to families who lost loved ones in the PIA crash, also took to social media to share Eid greetings even as his brother Boney Kapoor deals with three members of his house help testing positive for COVID-19. “Came across these beautiful illustrations made by @SaraAlfageeh from the book #OnceUponAnEid so just had to share them! May you all be blessed with kindness, patience and love! Eid Mubarak!” Image Credit: Instagram
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190311 ali zafar
Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar’s Eid took a somber turn following the PIA tragedy. “This Eid my heart is with those who have lost their loved ones and are struggling to come to terms with the loss. I have no words and quite frankly, words do too little to comfort but I am praying for peace - not only for the families affected but for the nation. May we see better Eids to come. Stay home, stay safe.” Image Credit: Supplied
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Interestingly, Ayeza Khan has not yet worked in any film throughout her career.
Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan expressed her grief as well as she took to Instagram to post: “We have lost fathers, we have lost sons! We have lost daughters, we have lost mothers. Today our nation will witness 100 funerals and an Eid,” she said. Image Credit: Instagram/ayezakhan.ak
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Pakistani actor-producer Adnan Siddiqui posted a video on Instagram where he questioned the Eid celebrations this year. “We are marking Eid now, but who know what sort of a celebration would this be? We were just battling COVID-19 when we saw a tragedy befall on Friday. A plane crashed and many people lost their lives. Many must be travelling to celebrate Eid, or heading out for work.” With the plane crashing in a residential area, Siddiqui also spoke about the men of the house heading out for Eid prayers while the unsuspecting women had no idea what would befall as they were prepping for iftar or Eid. “With a broken heart I wish all of you Eid.” Image Credit: Supplied
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Mohsin Abbas Haider
Actor, singer and poet Mohsin Abbas Haider also put out a statement on Instagram where he said that he would not be celebrating Eid this year. “It’s a humble request to all my friends and family members. Stop sending me all the Eid Mubarak msgs [sic]. As I am not celebrating this Eid in solidarity with all the families who lost their loved ones in plane crash Image Credit: Instagram
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Saba Qamar-1583747766526
Actress Saba Qamar took the opportunity to pay tribute to Pakistani model Zara Abid, who is feared dead in the PIA crash. Qamar posted on Instagram: “Dear Zara, I didn’t know you personally, but I am deeply saddened and completely shattered by the news of your loss. Fly high up there in heaven.” Image Credit:
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Dulquer Salmaan
Yet, amidst the somber celebrations, South Indian star Dulquer Salmaan did take the opportunity of Eid to unveil the poster of his new film. “Here’s a little surprise for Eid! Another poster from our most ambitious ‘Kurup’! In an ideal world today the film would have released in theatres all over. But guess we will have to make do with a poster release!” posted the actor. Image Credit: Twitter
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Saif Ali Khan and Karisma Kapoor
Meanwhile, Karisma Kapoor took to social media to sing praises about her brother-in-law Saif Ali Khan';s cooking skills by posting a picture of a mutton biryani he had cooked. Image Credit: Instagram