Our editors reveal the true cost of living in Dubai – Emirates Woman

Our editors reveal the true cost of living in Dubai – Emirates Woman

Thousands of expats flog to Dubai for the beachside/ city lifestyle, numerous internationally celebrated restaurants, glittering hotels and all-year-round sunshine. But these little pleasures come at a cost, so we have asked our editors to share an average monthly charge for where they live in the sandy city.

Carmel Harrison, Editor

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There are lots of deposits needed for DEWA, EJARI, apartment, nanny visa and car registration fees. Grocery shopping is also expensive, I once paid Dhs55 for a pack of cherries without realizing. An organic piece of salmon is around 65dhs.

Area: Palm Jumeirah

Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms + maid room

Rent: Dhs 135,000

DEWA: Dhs 1,200

DU Bill: Dhs 600

Transport: Dhs 120 for a full tank

Groceries: very expensive

Natalie Westernoff, Fashion & Beauty Editor

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Before I moved out here I had no idea that most rental properties demanded four cheques a year (and others just two) Luckily we had savings, you need to have a substantial amount of money in the bank before you decide to move out here. The cost of groceries is also something that shocked me, but then again we are in a desert!

Area: JVC

Bedrooms: 1

Rent: 48,000 AED per annum

Average DEWA: Dhs 600 per month

DU Bill: Dhs 300 per month

Any other extra’s: Dhs 125 per week

Transport: Dhs 90 a week

Groceries: Dhs 500 a week

Diana Bell-Heather, Digital Style Editor

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Dubai life can be a dreamy combination of weekends at the beach, bottomless brunches and beautiful staycations, but living costs can easily add up. Maintaining a villa with two dogs and a baby can take a toll on monthly budget. You have to be extra careful with your finances in order to enjoy the very best of the sandy city.

Area: Arabian Ranches

Bedrooms: 4 bedroom villa + Maid

Rent: Dhs 200k

Average DEWA: Dhs 2,000

DU Bill: Dhs 500

Gardener/pool: Dhs 250

Transport: Dhs 200 for a full tank

Groceries: Dhs 1,000

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