Kylie Jenner forced to defend latest makeup launch with sister Kendall

Kylie Jenner forced to defend latest makeup launch with sister Kendall

With any launch from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, there’s always bound to be a lot of hype surrounding it, but also plenty of criticism, too.

The same rings true from the latest makeup launch by Kylie Jenner in collaboration with her elder sister Kendall Jenner.

It’s the first time Kylie Cosmetics has done a collaboration with Kendall due to her previous contract with Estee Lauder, and the sisters certainly playing around when it came to the products they are launching together.

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The Kylie Cosmetics Kendall Collection includes a 15-shade eyeshadow palette, bronzer sticks, face sticks, a lipstick, lip kit and more.

While the overwhelming majority of fans were super excited about the launch, some took issue with the colours in the eyeshadow palette.

“But Kylie nor Kendall never wear half of these colors [sic],” one person commented. While others said the colours didn’t feel “very Kendall”, referring to the brightly coloured eyeshadow shades.

Well, Kylie, 22, wasn’t having a bar of the criticism and she quite literally used her supermodel sister’s face to prove the naysayers wrong.

Kendall Jenner Kylie Cosmetics

“Kendall loves to play with colours on her eyes so we made sure to add her favourites to the palette,” she explained on her Instagram story, and went on to post multiple photos of Kendall, 24, wearing bright coloured eyeshadow.

Green, orange, purple – you name it, it’s clear Kendall is, in fact, a fan of colour.

Kylie also added, “I’m in love with the end result and it has actually become the palette I use the most.”

The new Kylie Cosmetics X Kendall collection drops this Friday, June 26.

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Feature Image: Kylie Cosmetics Instagram