Feel your most confident this summer with the help from this Dubai clinic

Feel your most confident this summer with the help from this Dubai clinic

IN PARTNERSHIP: As summer is well and truly here, flowy dresses, shorts and swimsuits are a part of our every day attire in order to stay cool in the UAE heat, but for those who suffer from varicose veins in their legs these items will probably be the last thing you’ll want to wear.

According to Mediclinic, varicose veins more formally known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) affects 40 per cent of women and 20 per cent of men over the age of 50 in the UAE.

It’s a condition where enlarged veins that occur when the body has difficulty sending blood back to the heart from the body’s limbs. Clusters of blue or dark purple can appear through the skin making the veins visible on your legs and feet.

Not only does the condition leave clear marks on the legs which may leave many feeling self-conscious, there’s also complications that sometimes can occur from the condition if left untreated including skin ulcers, swollen ankles and swollen legs.


There are many ways your doctor may advise you to help treat your varicose veins which includes keeping active and moving your legs regularly; compressing your legs using stockings to reduce swelling; avoid sitting or standing for long time periods; and if you are overweight, it’s advisable to lose some weight.

However, in some cases medical treatment may be needed which is where Mediclinic Dubai Mall can help. The standard treatment for varicose veins is ablation, according to Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon, Dr. Ibrahim Riza.

The first type of ablation is heat ablation which is done via a laser or radiofrequency, which targets the main veins leak.  Secondly, there’s glue ablation which is more commonly called venaseal or venablock. Finally, your doctor may advise surgery is needed. At Mediclinic Dubai Mall at three of these treatments are available and by consulting with your vascular surgeon, the best route will be decided for you.

For those seeking treatment for varicose vein aesthetic reasons, Mediclinic Dubai Mall has two options for patients. You can either opt for an injection of medicine into the veins which shrinks them, this is known as Sclerotherapy, or undergo laser therapy with an NdYag Laser. These are both walk-in, walk-out procedures.

As for costs, it is dependent upon the individual and the specific treatment that is needed which is why it is best to book in for a consultation with a vascular surgeon at Mediclinic Dubai Mall.

Given that all treatments are low-risk day procedures, what have you got to lose? Put your best confident self forward this summer.

Mediclinic Dubai Mall is open from Saturday to Thursday, 8am to 8pm and Friday, 11am to 6pm.

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