Diet Prada calls out Kim Kardashian's latest Mario Testino shoot with North

Diet Prada calls out Kim Kardashian's latest Mario Testino shoot with North


The fashion industry’s top watchdog, Diet Prada called out Kim Kardashian for her latest Mario Testino shoot with daughter North West.

The now infamous Instagram account has made a name for itself over the past four years, courtesy of their takedowns and calling out fashion brands for plagiarism and racism among other things. In their latest post, Diet Prada are facing off against Kim Kardashian and calling her out for her hypocrisy with latest shoot.

In July, Diet Prada shed light on photographer Marcus Hyde’s misconduct, as he allegedly solicited nude pics from aspiring models in exchange for photoshoots. The photographer has worked closely with the Kardashians, often traveling the world with them, taking their photos.

After several models came forward, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a message on her Instagram addressing the allegations. In her story, Kim expressed how ‘deeply shocked, saddened and disappointed’ she was by the news surrounding Hyde, who she has worked with in the past.

However, a few days ago, the mother-of-four shared pictures from a new shoot with her eldest daughter, tagging fashion photographer Mario Testino. Last year, New York Times released an expose surrounding male models who accused him of sexual exploitation, and several brands including Burberry, Michael Kors, and Stuart Weitzman decided to cut ties with the photographer. 

In light of all of this, Diet Prada posted a side-by-side picture of Kim’s statement regarding Hyde and her photo with North, taken by Testino. “Coining a new term… Kimpocrisy. @kimkardashian ‘s recent choice to employ @mariotestino is a hella odd flex considering she applauded survivors this past July for speaking out against sexual assault by Marcus Hyde, her personal photographer,’ the photo’s caption reads.

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“There’s no doubt that the power wielded from fame can do great good.Kim’s level of celebrity has been enough to free people from jail, but adversely, her very public and premature endorsement of Testino is problematic in that it both discredits the experiences of survivors and worse, potentially enables further exploitative behaviour.”

“This is all so perplexing because Kim could literally choose any photographer in the world, so why keep working with problematic men? There are female photographers too…” the caption concludes.

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