Coronavirus: Stay calm and don't panic, Abhishek Bachchan implores fans

Coronavirus: Stay calm and don't panic, Abhishek Bachchan implores fans

It has been a busy time for the Bachchan family of late. While the whole of Bollywood had been in lockdown for nearly three months due to the Covid 19 pandemic, things had been slowly easing up of late in the shooting department.

With today's news that both Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan had tested positive for Covid 19, there are concerns that the pandemic could be spreading more even as people seem to be taking it easy.

Following the footsteps of his father, Abhishek had also taken to his Twitter handle to say: "Earlier today both my father and I tested positive for COVID 19. Both of us having mild symptoms have been admitted to hospital. We have informed all the required authorities and our family and staff are all being tested. I request all to stay calm and not panic. Thank you."

Amitabh had earlier been criticized for shooting for Kaun Bangea Crorepathi 12 amid the lockdown. The actor had at that time taken to his blog to assert that all necessary precautions were taken during the shoot.

"So yes I worked. Got a problem with that, keep it to yourself then. Damned if you pour it out here in this locked in condition. Sufficient precaution, as much that could be taken, was taken. And what had been scheduled for two days, was completed in one day. Starting 6 pm, ending a short while now," Bachchan wrote.

Even Abhishek Bachchan had been seen out and about of late, of course with his mask on, dubbing for the web series Breathe: Into the Shadows that premiered on the streaming platform this Friday. The crime thriller has been getting mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

Bollywood fans and colleagues as well as politicians in India have taken to social media to wish the duo a speedy recovery.