Bollywood supports doctors, airline crew in coronavirus backlash

Bollywood supports doctors, airline crew in coronavirus backlash
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Deepika Padukone
Not even a day after Indians stood united in paying tribute to the first responders by clapping and ringing bells for the doctors, medical staff and airline crew that are working tirelessly to help those in need, reports started circulating that many of them were being forcefully evicted from their homes in what is being described as a ‘witch hunt’. Image Credit: Instagram.com/ranveersingh/
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190820 Sonam Kapoor
Among those coming out in support for these first responders, Bollywood celebrities are standing at the forefront in voicing their concerns at this lynch mob mentality. Leading the charge in actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, who took to Twitter and reprimanded those who were guilty of this. “The kind of messages and tweets I’m seeing from the service industry and the medical industry are heartbreaking. They are facing so much stigmatisation and neglect. We need to applaud them not treat them this way. I’m so ashamed of the people who are doing this.” Image Credit: Gulf News archives
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Kapoor Ahuja’s tweet was retweeted by actress Richa Chadha who herself has been tweeting tirelessly in support of the medical staff as they complain of receiving eviction notices from their landlords. “Dear doctors, Please name and shame your [expletive] landlords. They need to give you notice before they threaten to evict you. Lawyers, please come to the rescue of doctors.” She further added: “Be kind to doctors. Give them protective gear. We are safe because of they keep use safe.” Chadha also came out to support the aviation industry, adding: “Name and shame the evictors. Name and shame those that are targeting staff in the aviation industry…” Image Credit: IANS
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Actor Pulkit Samrat, who starred with Chadha in the ‘Fukrey’ franchise has also been retweeting accounts of people in the aviation industry who have taken to social media complaining they are being ostracized for their jobs. “Doston! Aap help nahin kar rahe to at least jo kar rahe apni jaan par khelkar, unhein pareshaan na karein! (Friends! If you can’t help them, then at least don’t harass those who are putting their lives on the line for us). #OurHeroes We just need to support them and stay indoors!,” tweeted Samrat while posting a video of woman who claimed to be an employee with IndiGo Airlines and has been victimised by her neighbours. Image Credit: Supplied
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Bollywood actor and filmmaker Farhan Akhtar also retweeted a post put up by Air India, which appealed to the citizens of India to treat their airline crew with ‘courtesy and respect’. The Indian national carrier has been organising relief flights to bring stranded Indians home and that has elicited several acts of violence against the crew by neighbours. Akhtar simply added: “Respect #AirIndia #crew #heroes.” Image Credit: IANS
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Filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane also took to social media in frustration and anger, adding: “Clap for them on Sunday, throw them out of their houses on Monday. Well done India.” Image Credit: AFP
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Actor and activist Swara Bhasker also voiced her rage through her words on social media, writing: “Shame on these petty, ill informed RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations)! Yeh balcony mein taali bajaayengey par jo log actually jaan par khelkar #CoronavirusPandemic sey deshawasiyon ko bachaa rahey hain, unkey saath aisa karengey! Chheee! (They will stand in balconies and clap, but when it’s time to support those who are risking their lives during this coronavirus pandemic to save their people, this is how they stand with them. Disgusting.) Image Credit: AFP