Ahlam says she is collaborating with BTS

Ahlam says she is collaborating with BTS

Our worlds are about to collide.

Emirati singer Ahlam has confirmed an incoming collaboration with the massively popular K-Pop group BTS.

One of the most famous singers in the region — and a judge on ‘The Voice Ahla Sawt’ — Ahlam took to Twitter to announce this news to her 8.9 million followers.

“Please answer me Ahlam, will there be a collaboration with BTS?” one fan asked, in a now protected tweet.

Ahlam replied: “Yes, of course there is” with three red-dress dancer emojis.

The singer posted the tweet the night her 51st birthday (February 13). As expected, it generated huge interest — as well as some confusion.


#AhlamxBTS began to trend globally. The singer seemed amused, retweeting a post with several laughing emojis. “One tweet made up of five words has gone worldwide,” she wrote.

Many replies seemed to be tongue-in-cheek, with some suggesting that BTS might not be clued into this so-called collaboration.

One BTS fan responded: “No please, we want a collaboration with [Emirati singer] Hussain Al Jassmi.”

Another wrote: “They’ve been waiting for you since 2016,” alongside a GIF of several band members wearing traditional Emirati headscarves.

The clip comes from a video tracking BTS’ adventures in Dubai in July four years ago.


BTS have a large following in the Middle East.

After the band announced that they would perform in Saudi, their fans in the UAE trended the hashtag #UAEwantsBTS.

The hashtag reached Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai’s largest indoor multipurpose venue, which responded: “We’ve received all your requests and trust us, we want #kpopinuae too! Your enthusiasm continues to inspire us and we’re working to bring the best to Coca-Cola Arena! #UAEwantsBTS #wewantbtsinuae”

At time of writing, Ahlam’s tweet that seems to confirm an upcoming collaboration with the K-Pop group has more than 3,000 likes and 600 retweets, as well as more than 2,000 responses.