5 countries that are opening their borders this summer

5 countries that are opening their borders this summer

If you had totally scrapped your travel plans due to the current climate, think again as some countries are opening up their borders this summer for tourists.

With airlines like Emirates increasing its destination pool for flights, that holiday you put on hold could be a possibility, with all relevant health and safety precautions taken, of course.


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Starting from June 15 Greece will be opening its borders to 29 countries. While the UAE isn’t currently on that list, the nation is set to add more countries to that list who will be able to enter on July 1, so there’s still hope. For those who are interested in going to Greece, note all international travellers will have to go through Athens in order to undergo a COVID-19 test and temperature check.


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Turkey’s Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy outlined plans for domestic travel to recommence in the country at the end of last month, with the aim of international visitors being welcomed back in mid-June.

New guidelines for hotels and resorts in Turkey have reportedly been issued which include temperature checks, social distancing and the wearing of face masks. For those checking out, rooms used must be ventilated for a minimum of 12 hours.


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Not far from Turkey or Greece lies Cyprus, a nation which announced last week plans to reopen borders. The transport minister for Cyprus, Yiannis Karousos, announced hotels across the nation would be able to reopen from June 1, with international flights resuming from June 9.

Only those from a selected list of countries are currently allowed to travel to Cyprus, which does not include the UAE, but you never know this list could extend in the coming weeks.

The Maldives

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A favourite getaway for many in the UAE, The Maldives is set to reopen borders in July.

“We are planning to reopen our borders for visitors in July, 2020,” an official statement from the country’s Ministry of Tourism states. “We also want to assure our guests that they will not be charged any additional fees to enter the Maldives.”

The government has many precautionary plans in place for those visiting, including a ‘Safe Tourism License’ issued to resorts, hotels and more. In order to travel, tourists will need to show they have a confirmed booking with an accommodation that has a ‘Safe Tourism License’. Furthermore, they must obtain a special tourist visa stating they are committed to spending a minimum of 14 days in the country. Similarly, a medical certificate must be presented stating tourists are COVID-19 free.


With Croatia having opened their borders to 10 selected member states of the European Union – Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Slovakia – over the weekend, there’s a possibility this list could increase. The country’s national air carrier, Croatia Airlines, resumed domestic flights in mid May.

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Keep in mind to stay safe, taking all precautionary measures necessary if you do decide to travel and take into consideration the current processes in place for returning to the country.

If international travel isn’t quite on your mind right now, why not try an amazing staycation to support local tourism in the UAE?

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