Which hospital in Abu Dhabi Emirate should I visit in an emergency?

Which hospital in Abu Dhabi Emirate should I visit in an emergency?

Abu Dhabi: In cases of an injury or sudden discomfort, patients need to seek emergency care. While all hospitals and medical centres in Abu Dhabi offer some level of emergency care, the kind of incidents each is equipped to deal with may vary.

Abu Dhabi’s health regulator, the Department of Health, has therefore been engaged in a process of classifying emergency care departments across health facilities, and providing them with the appropriate certifications. These certifications ensure that emergency care units have the required personnel, equipment and approaches to deal with the kind of emergencies.

Emergency care units are currently being classified into two types: Emergency Departments or EDs, and Urgent Care Centres.

Where are the Emergency Departments in Abu Dhabi located?

NAT Shakhbout Medical City2-1605934527402
A view of Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, one of the facilities earmarked for emergency services. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Abu Dhabi: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, NMC Royal Hospital, Burjeel Hospital

Al Ain: Al Ain Hospital, Tawam Hospital

Al Dhafra: Madinat Zayed Hospital, Al Ruwais Hospital

What is the difference between an Emergency Department and an Urgent Care Centre?

Emergency Departments are staffed by qualified emergency care physicians round-the-clock, who are further supported by a range of specialists, and equipment for medical resuscitation, surgery and intensive care. These units offer the highest quality of emergency care services.

Urgent Care Centres are available in all public and private medical centres and hospitals in Abu Dhabi, and offer care on a walk-in basis.

When should I visit an Emergency Department?

People suffering from acute, life-threatening conditions should visit Emergency Departments.

These are the symptoms that require care at an Emergency Department:

Severe chest pain

Breathing difficulties

Loss of consciousness

Heavy blood loss

Serious injury

Severe burn

Suspected stroke

When should I visit an Urgent Care Centre?

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NMC Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi, which is earmarked for Urgent Care services. Image Credit: Reuters/Gulf News Archives

Patients suffering from minor illness can visit Urgent Care Centre.

These are the symptoms that require care at an Urgent Care Centre:






Severe sunburn


Initial check-up and stabilisation