Get up early for sale of the century only with Mastercard

Get up early for sale of the century only with Mastercard

In the never-ending pursuit of new media spaces, Mastercard has managed to do what no other brand has been able to – they’ve put their billboard amongst the stars.

Leveraging a rare eclipse, Mastercard has launched a promotion that will last only for the duration of the eclipse on 26 December 2019. A similar eclipse has not been seen in the UAE for 172 years and won’t show itself again for nearly a century, truly earning Astronomical Sales the well-deserved title of sale of the century.

Astronomical sales

In what has been titled Astronomical Sales, prices on noon.com will diminish with the sun: the less of the sun you see, the less you pay. Since the eclipse will reach 97 per cent, Mastercard holders will receive 97 per cent off an array of pre-selected products. But only for the brief window of almost-total coverage. Once the sun starts revealing itself again, so too will prices increase, until the eclipse, and the sale, are over.

On top of all this excitement, Mastercard will reward two lucky shoppers with priceless experiential prizes – but only if they manage to pay for their purchases at one of the two exact moments in which the sun and moon intersect to form the Mastercard logo.

The UAE has a rich astronomical history, wherein the stars have always played a crucial role in the existence of the region. In addition, the region has sent its first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri, to space recently, making the event all the more meaningful.

Our advice? Make sure you’re up and ready by 6:30 on 26 December 2019 to get the deal of a lifetime, while watching the event of your life.