COVID-19: Abu Dhabi targets Musaffah 11 in latest disinfection campaign

COVID-19: Abu Dhabi targets Musaffah 11 in latest disinfection campaign

Abu Dhabi: Authorities continued the disinfection campaign in Abu Dhabi on Monday, focusing on the industrial area of Mussafah Block 11.

The fourth phase of the disinfection programme and COVID-19 testing in the Musaffah area of Abu Dhabi is part of an on-going campaign implemented by the Department of Health, in partnership with a number of relevant entities.

During the campaign, free COVID-19 tests will be carried out among residents.

Abu Dhabi Media Office confirmed entry and exit to the area will be restricted during the sanitisation programme, and affirmed that daily commercial activities will continue as usual.

In a tweet posted early Monday, Abu Dhabi Media Office said: “No legal action will be taken against those violating visa regulations. Protecting the community’s safety and curbing the spread of Coronavirus is the top priority.”

The media office also requested those living in Block 11 to cooperate and follow instructions in order for the sanitisation and testing programme to achieve its objectives.

The sanitisation drive in Block 11 was implemented after the success of the first three phases in Musaffah, which was welcomed by residents.

The campaign follows Abu Dhabi government’s decision to restrict movement in and out of the emirate as of Tuesday, June 2 for a period of one week. The ban will affect all residents, while movement within each region will be allowed during the National Sterilisation Programme from 10pm until 6am.

“Exemptions are available by special permit for employees in vital sectors, chronic disease patients visiting hospitals and the transportation of necessary goods,” said the office in a tweet.