Kibsons steps in to help cash-strapped SMEs

Kibsons steps in to help cash-strapped SMEs

Dubai: Kibsons is extending a lifeline to Harvey & Brockless, a local producer and distributor of specialty foods, as well as other local startups to stay afloat in a COVD-19 influenced business environment.

“If it had not been for Kibsons and its increased sales, our business would not have survived as we were able to keep our production team busy with packing cheese,” said Trevor Bryant, Managing Director of Harvey & Brockless.

This came after its main clientele, airlines and hotels, dropped their orders once the pandemic struck.

Another company, Baker’s Kitchen also benefitted from Kibson. Owner Sven Mostegl, said: “Kibsons treat us as an extension of their team with the greatest respect and professionalism. This coupled with the increased orders and on time payments truly made the difference to us at a time when our future hung in the balance.”

Kibsons now offers more than 75 local brands for sale on their site.

Halima Jumani, Director of Kibsons, said: “All SMEs are struggling for survival right now. Now, we are doubling our efforts and looking at ways that we can help these businesses save money whilst also being introduced to new potential customers through our site.

“The hope is customers will find amazing new brands through Kibsons and in turn they will be able to help in keeping such businesses alive through these unprecedented times.”