GoDaddy tests out its Arabic beta version

GoDaddy tests out its Arabic beta version

Dubai: GoDaddy, the portal that offers online support services, has launched a beta version of its Arabic website. This version offers customers the ability to share feedback, which will be used by GoDaddy developers to help further enhance the customer experience across the website.

A majority of websites depend on “automatic translation” for viewing the content in their local languages - as a result Arabic website content is often translated inaccurately. Therefore, many Arabic businesses do not consider creating company websites due to the time-consuming nature of creating content in Arabic language and the struggle to find correct, useful information in their native language.

Selina Bieber, Senior Regional Director for Turkey, MENA and South Africa, said: “We have localized our marketing communications in both Arabic and English to help raise awareness of the GoDaddy brand and benefits of creating an online presence for a business, along with guiding our customers along their online journey.

“Now we are focused on offering a customer experience for Arabic speaking customers to easily use our online products and services. We are eager to connect with them and listen to their feedback as we more deeply engage with our Arabic customers in the region.”