8 architectural brilliance in Dubai that grabbed headlines

8 architectural brilliance in Dubai that grabbed headlines
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Teaser architecture
In the last years 50 years, Dubai’s skyline has been transformed completely. Here is a closer look at the iconic structures that enhances the emirates'; skyline. Image Credit: Gulf News
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Opus 4
Renowned as the Queen of Curve, the late Zaha Hadid’s legacy lives on in the, UAE’s eclectic skyline. The Opus at Business Bay is instantly recognisable by the void at the core of its structure. Located in Burj Khalifa district, the Opus is a mirrored glass building occupied by a hotel, offices, serviced apartments and several restaurants. Image Credit: Archive
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The Opus is a stroke of genius from Zaha Hadid, who was the first woman to receive the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 and was known in the world of architecture for her distinctively neo-futuristic buildings. It is her first—and only—structure in Dubai. Image Credit: social media
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Dubai Frame
Dubai frame: It attracts 2 million visitors a year, offering visitors 360-degree views from the glass-bottomed bridge that spans the top of the frame. Nowhere in the world is the clash of old and new more apparent than Dubai. Image Credit: Archive
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Dubai Frame
Perfectly positioned between the two, the Dubai Frame in Zabeel Park captures scenes of the “old” from one side, and the “new” from the other. An architectural landmark bridging Dubai’s past, present and future, the Dubai Frame covered in gold-cladding is located in Zabeel Park. Image Credit: Archive
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NAT Museum of the Future-1577710727615
The Museum of the Future, building is designed by an algorithm. It is one of the most challenging construction projects ever attempted. With an expected opening date in September 2020 it is rapidly taking shape in Downtown Dubai. Image Credit: Archive
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This curvaceous structure by Killa Designs stands encased in stainless steel adorned with Arabic calligraphy. The museum aims to serve as a base for exploration of the greatest challenges and technologies that will shape the future, from climate change to medical breakthroughs. Image Credit: Archive
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Al Wasl dome
The 360-degree dome will be the main staging area for the opening ceremony for expo 2020 next year. Serving as the centre of Expo 2020, Al Wasl Plaza, meaning ‘connection’ in English, will be connected to the three districts based on the subthemes of Expo — Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Image Credit: Archive
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Described as the ‘crown jewel’ and ‘beating heart’ of Expo 2020, its construction is one that engineers and staff are the most proud of. Taller than the leaning tower of Pisa, the moulded steel dome is 130-metre wide, 67-metre tall and weighs more than 500 tonnes. Image Credit: Archive
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Meydan one mall
Futuristic Meydan one is expected to open in Dubai in 2021, is located in the area between the Meydan Hotel and Al Khail Road The Mall’s unique retractable roof, which will be opened in the cooler, winter months to create an alfresco shopping and dining experience. In summers it will transform into an be an indoor air-conditioned space where reidents and tourists can have the best of retail and entertainment experience. It’s literally the best of both worlds. Image Credit: Archive
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Dubai Creek towers
With a new mega tall project, Dubai intends to defeat its own title of being the home of the world’s tallest building, after the completion of the 828m high Burj Khalifa in 2010. The tower is inspired by both the lily flower and minaret. It will feature dynamic illumination and movement lighting. The design comes from the Spanish-Swiss architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava and will be the centerpiece of the Dubai Creek Habour development. Image Credit: social media
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200119 dubai creek tower
Beside several observation decks, restaurants and a boutique hotel, there is talk about the world’s highest mosque. This would allow one to arrive a little late for evening prayers due to the sun setting a few minutes later at 1000m altitude. It is scheduled to be completed end of next year in 2021. Image Credit: Archive
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One and only
Opening towards the end of 2020, a symbol of ambition, innovation and the pioneering spirit of Dubai, One Za’abeel stands tall and proud in the Za’abeel district in the heart of the city, strategically positioned at the crossroads of the old and new business districts of Dubai. It includes a sky concourse called The Linx, which connects the two towers of One Za’abeel. Image Credit: one and only/website
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Address Sky View
Designed by the architects of Burj Khalifa, Sky walk is a 220-metre high sky bridge that links the two glass towers is spread across three floors and is home to a 70-metre long infinity pool in, Address Sky View development in Downtown Dubai. Image Credit: Archive
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Address Sky View
Sky Walk offers the unique experience of taking in spectacular views from a height of 200 metres as the visitors navigate the observation corridor in safety harnesses, walking literally "outside the building".Sky Walk joins the league of Emaar’s other attractions such as At the Top, Burj Khalifa. Image Credit: Archive