7 things you didn't know about talabat heroes in the UAE

7 things you didn't know about talabat heroes in the UAE

As we end the year celebrating the roles delivery riders had in our communities, talabat is launching a special campaign to thank them that have been working hard at the forefront during the ongoing pandemic. This holiday season, from the 16th to the 22nd of December, talabat will be doubling any and all tips received by riders in the UAE to show them that their incredible efforts are appreciated and always recognised. Every day, talabat riders brave the heatwaves, rain floods, crazy traffic jams and not to mention, a global pandemic. So in case you didn’t know - here’s 7 things about talabat riders and the role they play in our community!

talabat introduces rider tipping to appreciate delivery riders Image Credit: Supplied

1) It’s a big family: talabat has the largest rider fleet in the UAE!

There are over 10,000 Heroes in the UAE, operating across all seven Emirates, making it the biggest online food delivery fleet.

2) Heroes don’t always wear capes: talabat riders helped deliver meals to people in need during Ramadan and the pandemic

Not only did riders ensure we received our favourite meals at our doorsteps, they also delivered 90,000 meals to UAE residents in need during Ramadan, as well as supporting frontliners amongst others. These meals were a mix of donations from government entities, strategic partners, talabat customers and talabat.

3) Going above and beyond: talabat heroes ensured medicine reached those in need across the country during lockdown

talabat riders helped deliver 4000 medicine packages across the UAE in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority to assist and protect those in need.

4) Committed to increasing road safety: talabat is working hand in hand with police traffic departments in the UAE to increase road safety awareness

In collaboration with police traffic departments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain, talabat is offering its riders training sessions on road safety to ensure they adhere to rules and regulations for their own safety and that of other drivers and pedestrians in the country. Let’s do our part in keeping them safe and be considerate when we pass by them on the road!

5) Covid-19 compliant: keeping riders and customers safe and protected

talabat takes the safety of our partners, customers and riders very seriously and continues to enforce the strictest measures of COVID-19 safety, such as utilising Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for all riders, as well as offering customers the option of Contactless Delivery and cashless tipping. Riders are also provided with a 24/7 talabat helpline to report potential contact with any sick person or queries pertaining to their own health.

6) “talabat patrol”: the new kids on the block!

You can also call them the “t-patrol”. talabat is rolling-out a special unit of Safety Officers in the first quarter of 2021 to ensure talabat riders are following safety rules and regulations and keeping themselves and others safe! Watch this space.

7) From bags to boxes: all talabat riders to have boxes in 2021

talabat is gradually re-introducing boxes for safety and quality purposes. You can already see some of the new boxes on the road! New Year, New Design, New Box!

To thank their riders for their selfless, dedicated work through these pressing times., talabat is pledging to match rider tips for one week in December. As a goodwill gesture, talabat came up with this simple way to show riders their gratitude along with the community. During this campaign, whenever customers choose to provide a tip to a rider, talabat will match the tip amount exactly and will directly reward the full, doubled tips to the rider at the end of the month.

Jérémy Doutté, managing director of UAE added, “At talabat, we care immensely about our amazing riders and have great respect for them and what they do - they are a part of our family and I’m so glad we can show them how much we appreciate them. It is thanks to them that we were able to support our customers and people across the UAE.”

You can now show your appreciation with every order you place through the newly introduced special rider tipping feature on our platform and directly give back to these incredible riders for their daily dedication and hard work. The feature is integrated into the app and is visible immediately after an order has been successfully delivered - sending 100 per cent of the tips placed directly to riders at that very moment.

Quick reminder: a thank you, a smile or a wave goes a very long way when you see a talabat rider, it makes their day!

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